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Margin Master Features

Customer Support

With your subscription, you get unlimited support and training from our support team in the United States.

Rounding Schemes

Margin Master includes 5 predefined rounding schemes. You can build your own custom schemes.

Vendor Data

Ace Hardware, Do-it Best, Orgill, Emery-Water House, United Hardware all provide thier full catalog.

Point-of-Sale Systems

We currently support 49 different POS Systems. If your system isnt on our list, we will work with your provider to get them added - at no cost!

Data Import/Export

Margin Master allows you to import other vendor data, and export pricing details for use in other applications.

Competitor Pricing Data

Competitor pricing data (from our Rival Master Service) is able to be directly integrated into Margin Master. No longer wonder what price the big box store has on an item.

User Groups

Regional User Groups have been created so users can get together to work on strategies, and discuss best practices.


Our traning schedule is flexible. We typically offer training opportunities at trade shows. We are also willing to attend regional meetings upon request.

even more...

Since Margin Master was created, we have offered a 1000% satisfaction guarantee. In short, we promise that you will make ten times the cost of margin master in the following twelve months, or we will give you back your money - all of it!
It's easy to fabricate some numbers and give you an amazing demo! That stinks. We would much rather give you your ACTUAL data to work with - in a FULLY Functional Margin Master. Just ask!
Margin Master is available for immediate download.