Company History

RetailerSoft approaches software design and development in a unique manner. In fact, my expertise is not really in software -- it's in retail. Over the last 27 years of owning and operating my own three Ace Hardware retail stores, I found that there were many tasks that could be greatly simplified or improved if I had a computer program that could help me do what I needed.

When I was unable to find any available software to help with my extremely specific tasks, I called on my background in computer science to help me develop the tools I needed. Over the years, I developed countless computer applications, but the programs were always kept in-house, where I could easily support them.

In late 2002, after learning of an opportunity to improve my business's bottom line profits, I began development on my most ambitious product yet. While I originally set out to develop another in-house tool, the program continued to grow in complexity. Soon the tool was completed, and I was able to use my new tool, to help my business become significantly more profitable.

When I began to share my success story with other retailers, they were curious to see the software, and use it to benefit their own business. Well - when a computer program leaves your immediate control, it becomes much more difficult to resolve any issues that might come up. Also, things like help, documentation, and simple understanding of how the program works, now need to be clearly explained. The program must also run on a wide variety of computer operating systems.

Clearly, the program had potential. More retailers found out about the program, and they all wanted it for themselves. When it became obvious that there was significant interest, I started a new company - Retailer Software Solutions. Margin Master was born! The rapid success achieved with Margin Master allowed me to hire the technical expertise needed to make Margin Master a commercially available program.

Fast forward twelve years, and Margin Master has proven to be a huge success. Many retailers have praised the software as one of the most important changes "EVER" implemented in their retail business. Our 2500+ customers may be happy, but our work is not done. The challenge for Margin Master going forward is how to get other retailers to understand the significant impact they are failing to put on their bottom line. Why haven't they heard the message over the last number of years? I'm not sure, but I will keep trying!

The future looks bright. Our small company with its unique skill set plans to continue to develop applications that take some of the complexity out of retailing while keeping a focus on the bottom line. Our tools will always be designed from a retailer perspective, with retailers, NOT computer people, as targeted users.

Let us help you propel your business into the future!